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30201 DownTown CityCenter

30201 DownTown CityCenter 30201 DownTown CityCenter

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30201 DownTown CityCenter

  • Complete custom MOC set
  • Includes all 3430 new and genuine LEGO® parts
  • Printed instruction book
  • Delivered in a custom printed box


This modular building is 100% compatible with all existing official LEGO® Modular buildings.
Designed according the official standard dimensions. 

The entire MOC consists of 2 seperate buildings ik n a 32x32 stud baseplate.
Fits perfectly in your downtown area of your City as one building is a 3 story residential building with full interior details such as a living area, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, even a gym located on the upper level.

The other building is devided into a sandwich bar on groundlevel with a luxury duplex appartement on top. Also here the interiors are fully detailed. 
For instance, you can find a vending machine for drinks in the sandwich bar or even a laundry machine inside the duplex. Much more to discover!
The duplex is reachable via a seperate indoor staircase, accessible via the alley in the middle of the build.


The back area of the building is less detailed as the front but allows to add a backyard or layout to your own likings.
Overall the MOC consists 5 seperate modules across 3 levels.
Sidewalls can easily be removed to gain better access to the interiors!

  • Pieces: 3430
  • Weight: 2785g
  • Dimensions (WxLxH): 26,5x25,6x31,9 cm
  • Lights not included, these are a photo effect
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