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20212 MMS Magician

20212 MMS Magician 20212 MMS Magician

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20212 MMS Magician

  • Complete custom MOC set
  • Includes all 1535 new and genuine LEGO® parts
  • Printed instruction book
  • Delivered in a custom printed box


Discover the series of small medieval fantasy buildings.
This model is part of the Medieval Modular Street (MMS) but also can be used as a stand alone display model.
By removing the side border, you can connect this module next to another MMS module using LEGO® Technic pins (included) to extend and create the Medieval Modular Street. Other modules seperatly available.


The Blacksmith module is the start of the series while the Tavern is the end. They both are designed including an organic nature part in 1 border.
In between as many different modules can be added and switched as you like.
At the moment only 1 middle module is available, the Magician. All new and upcoming modules in the series will be middle sections. Meaning they all will have 2 removable side borders, 1 on each side.

Each module is designed in removable sections. The back is left open, like a doll house, to reveal the detailed interior inside.


Next to and on top of the alley, the local magician has its place in the village where people come to seek cure or escape. The Magician has everything to offer from elixyrs, over herbs to all kinds of selfmade herbmixes and liquids. Even poison when needed, in Medieval times one never knows when that comes in handy.
On groundlevel the Magician receives its customers and brews his magic.
On the top floor, there's a storage and research area but also a place to enjoy a meal.
Due to its size and construction, there are no interior details on the roof level.

  • Pieces: 1535
  • Weight: 918g
  • Dimensions (WxLxH): 14,4x15,5x26,4 cm
  • Lights not included, these are a photo effect

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